About Us

Established in 2017, we have grown through the years and is now so sufficient in the majority of tourism disciplines such as domestic tourism,cultural,leisure etc.

Eyson Adventures places great emphasis on customer satisfaction to produce an exceptionally high standard workmanship. With our highly experienced staff, the limited boosts of services which a fordable,tailored and suit that clients needs and leaves the lasting impression on them.


  • To become a leading tourism company in East Africa by committing Africa’s art of tourism to satisfy the requirements of our clients.


  • To uphold integrity professionalism and business ethics as the cornerstone of our relationship with our clients
  • To provide clients with unique and appropriate options which are fordable and comfortable through innovative research.
  • To bring new breed and quality creativity that are relevant to the tourism industry today.


  • Integrity and honesty: as a company we have consistently exhibited high standards of service where quality and the needs of our clients are Paramount.
  • Commitment above : Eyson Adventures is committed to timely provision of lasting solutions to our clients and at most professionalism in execution of work.
  • Team work: ln close consultation with our clients and the professionals in us work as a team to fulfil the needs of the clients and their by reach the ultimate goal of the company.


  • Conduct research and provide our Clients with the best possible options in the industry with due regards to quality efficiency and economy.
  • Explore new industries relevant to the tourism industry.
  • Grow and expand into a global industry.
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